Stephen C. Cooper

Retired Trial Judge ♦ Neutral Mediator / Arbitrator / Facilitator

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  Courtrooms and formal trials are not always the best way to resolve conflicts. Many cases benefit from an alternative approach.  
  Some parties select neutral mediation where Stephen Cooper works with the parties to assist them in achieving an acceptable settlement without the unnecessary expense, time and aggravation of a trial.  
  Others select arbitration where Stephen Cooper, individually, or in a panel of three arbitrators, considers the evidence and makes a decision which becomes binding, saving the parties time, the cost of a trial and its public nature.  
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  Former Chief Judge Stephen C. Cooper was elected in 1986 and re-elected in 1992, 1998 and 2004. In 2007, he retired after more than twenty years as a trial judge while serving in his fourth term as 46th District Chief Judge.  
  PROVEN NEUTRAL. His re-election was endorsed by both the Democratic and Republican parties, both labor unions and business, both plaintiff and defense attorneys, and rated "Outstanding" by the Oakland County Bar Association.  
  EDUCATION: He was educated at Brandeis University and Wayne State University. BA & JD  
  MEDIATION: For his entire career he has been involved in dispute resolution and has been approved as a fully qualified Mediator under both MCR 2.411 and MCR 3.216  
  He serves on the Board of Directors of the Oakland Mediation Center
He is the Mediation & Arbitration Chair of the American Judges Association
ABA, Michigan Bar and Oakland County Bar Associations Alternative Dispute Resolution Committees
Michigan Council for Family and Divorce Mediation
  AWARDS & RECOGNITIONS: He has received numerous awards and recognitions, including the  
  Martin Luther King, Jr. Award, which is given to a local citizen whose life exemplifies the ideals espoused by Dr. King;
Honoree-of-the-Year of the Womens Bar Association;
Distinguished Service Award Honoree of the Oakland County Bar Association;
Fellow of the State Bar of Michigan Foundation
State of Michigan Governors Award for Volunteer Service;
National awards for his annual LAWFAIR from the American Bar Association.
His work with students includes the award-winning video, The Trial of Jack, the Alleged Giant Killer.
He also created a Student Trial Court.
Judge Cooper received the Legal Aid and Defenders Society Pro Bono Award in honor of his efforts.
Southfield Schools Alumnus of the Year
Toastmasters International Annual Leadership Award.
Triple distinguished president of the Southfield-Lathrup A.M. Optimist Club,
Michigans Optimist of the Year
  Judge Cooper was re-elected by Michigans judges to the Board of Governors of the American Judges Association.
He is a Past-President of the Michigan District Judges Association,
He served two terms as the Vice-President of the Michigan Association of Drug Court Professionals and is on its Board
Active member of the American, Michigan, Wolverine, National, Oakland County and Straker Bar Associations
Appointed and served on the State Bar of Michigan Standing Committee on Ethics.
He was elected to City Council and served as Southfield City Council President pro-tem.
Elected President of the Southfield Bar Association
Elected President of the Bnai Brith Barrister Association
Vice-President of the Southfield Chamber of Commerce.
He represented Michigans District Judges for three terms on the State Bar Judicial Conference and was elected to three terms on Michigan State Bar Representative Assembly by the lawyers of Oakland County. He served on numerous boards including the Salvation Army, League of Women Voters, Anti-Defamation League, PTA Council and the Easter Seals Society
  SCHOLARSHIP: Judge Cooper has authored numerous legal articles and is a periodic theme editor of the Michigan Bar Journal. He is a faculty member of the Michigan Judicial Institute and the Institute for Continuing Legal Education, was awarded a scholarship to the National Judicial College and granted a scholarship to the federal judges educational program at Princeton University. Faculty discussion leader at the National Judicial College.  
  He was a lawyer from 1969 to 1986 engaged in all civil litigation including commercial, domestic, municipal, personal injury, business and labor matters. He also prosecuted and defended criminal matters.